Partner Meeting Eindhoven


22 November 2022 - 23 November 2022

The penultimate partner meeting took place from 26 to 28 October in Eindhoven. Partners from Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands discussed how the mark of approval for certification will look like and how to proceed after the end of the project. In addition, the partners jointly got an overview of what still needs to be worked on in all areas of the project, as Certification D is in the home stretch and only one more face-to-face meeting is planned in Ulster, Ireland. The meeting was not for the public.

The meeting was embedded in the Dutch Design Week. The project partners were allowed to take part in a tour of this, with particular emphasis on the reference to health products. They got to know the work and aim of the TU Eindhoven and Fontys regarding the field of gerontology. Eindhoven is known as the digital heart of europe, so it is the perfect spot for TU and Fontys building a bridge between gerontology and technic. In addition, the project partners visited the Oktober, which is a retirenment home that provides widely spreaded support for elderly people, not only with dementia and gained insights into the everyday life of the staff and residents there.

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