What is the highlight of your product?

 The AMI® Solution for "Interactive Memory Assistant" is an innovation in the Carer-Caree’s relationship allowing the organization of the daily life of the Caree by the Carer and a simplified communication tool adapted to people affected by an illness, an accident, a disability, or an advanced age.


Why did you participate in the voucher call?

 We participate in the voucher call to obtain more tests of our solution, conducted by several Living Labs in Europe. They evaluated AMI® in a way that we could not reach at the time (outside of France), neutral, and therefore without complacency. The added value of our solution (comparing those results with our own), was, is, and will be invaluable for us, to continue improve our solution, intended for use by people with cognitive frailties and their families.


What is your most important lesson learnt?

 We are a French. We knew the issue was global but getting confirmation of that point and see the similarities between European population has been quite an astonishing fact.

This allowed us to see the need beyond our borders.


Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


"Very easy to understand. Worked intuitively“

"I find the application very good for elderly people with early cognitive impairment, to be a kind of "think-behind."

"Automatic realise at the top!“



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