What is the highlight of your product?


Compaan tablets are designed for those who want to get access to the online world but do realize that in doing so they will face many recurring technical challenges, notwithstanding the risks involved in a connected world.

 With Compaan, the management of technical aspects such as system or application updates is handled by the Compaan Support team. These tasks will be manged in the background, making it look so simple. User-friendliness, a flawless anti-spam technique and the absence of technical messages are a guarantee of adoption, even by users with no prior IT experience, the use of the Compaan is completely intuitive and can be learned quickly. And if you have a question, you can call our customer service department throughout the year, and the Compaan Support team will solve your problem.

 Family, friends and caregivers can access a very user-friendly Internet portal, the Compaan Portal, allowing them not only to communicate with the Compaan user, but also to configure the Compaan parameters remotely, ensuring that the tablet is perfectly adapted to the needs, expectations and possibilities of their users.

 The Compaan Portal is an online secured exchange platform on which family and caregivers share information: treatments, task assignment, various reminders. The portal can be accessed from any PC, tablet, or smartphone, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

 It is our belief that new information technologies can be adopted by all generations and all persons with dementia, in an early up to a moderately stage. With our products and services, we aim at bridging today the digital divide gap that prevents many persons with dementia from staying in touch with their friends and family.


 Why did you participate in the voucher call?

 We are convinced that by fostering more widespread adoption of new communication tools, and by facilitating family and care takers to keep an eye, in a non-intrusive manner, on their beloved ones, we can contribute to the well-being of people with dementia, its quality of life, its ability to stay at home for longer, and ultimately to its happiness.

 To reach more people with our technology and our healthcare support, a quality label such as Certification-D can offer great added value to Compaan, it can be an accelerator. It is also a confirmation of our possibilities for governments and local authorities in developing their informal care plans. A quality label can be useful in this regard and a guarantee that public funds are spent correctly, with maximum impact.

 In addition to a more extensive network and more knowledge sharing regarding the needs and requirements of people with dementia, such a quality mark should ensure trust and thus convince new users of our added value. In exchange for their trust, Compaan offers everyone the opportunity to continue living comfortably at home for longer. That is why the new European quality label Certification-D is nothing less than a milestone in the expansion and upscaling of Compaan. An important hurdle for sustainable digital home care.


What is your most important lesson learnt?

 What we have learned as a company is that people with dementia are very diverse in their possibilities and wishes. As well as their informal care and their expectations when using our technology. No user nor its caregiver is the same, no individual case to.  In addition, also each individual situation is constantly evolving. This means that assistive technology such as Compaan's tablets must be extremely flexible and adaptable.

 On a personal level, I especially remember the complex sensitivities of people with dementia. Terms or descriptions such as 'a memory game' seem harmless, but nothing could be further from the truth. Such terms can evoke negative consequences, for example when a 'memory game' fails, people with dementia can experience it as a failure.

 Our primary goal is to make people feel good. And this process, leading up to certification, was a great example that in this rapidly evolving digital world, we need to be more considerate of everyone who can't keep up with the same pace. There is no such thing as a solution that is the same for everyone. What's more, care is a unique process, a personal evolution in which the needs of today can be completely different from those of tomorrow.


Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


"I like to receive new from the whole family."

"Easy to use once you understand how it works, it's easier than my tablet."

"Not cumbersome, equipment is less scary than a computer."

"Easy, suitable character size compared to computer."



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