What is the highlight of your product?

Famileo is a personalised newspaper that helps loved ones with all stages of dementia to reminisce and bring the dearest memories back to life. Famileo allows relatives to easily publish old and recent photos with a message through the private Famileo app or website, that are then transformed into a physical newspaper.


Why did you participate in the voucher call?

The newspaper is used by Dementia therapists to work the short- and long-term memory of the client (e.g. by talking about photos of the client’s youth, children, old hobbies, objects with a special meaning, etc.) and will lead to an improved well-being and longer and more frequent family visits.


Why did you participate in the voucher call?

Famileo took part in this project to officially become a dementia-certified product for those living with dementia, their families and therapists, and to increase brand awareness worldwide.

What is your most important lesson learnt? 

The fantastic reviews of all testers have helped us make small improvements and confirmed the positive impact that our tool has on people with dementia and their families.



Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


"Nice, it’s just like a surprise. It’s always on the coffee table, then I can show it to friends and family. They all think it’s really nice and they had never seen anything like it."


"My family lives far away, but that’s how you see them. Nice to see the pictures of the little ones."






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