BBrain Family (BBrain)

1.What is the highlight of your product? The BBrain Family calendar clock supports people with dementia in living independently as long as possible. The clear time indication provides a better sense of time. Relatives and (in)formal caregivers provide support in daily planning and structure by remotely managing the appointments in the agenda. By sending messages and photos to the clock, you involve your loved ones more often in your daily life. Through video calling, there is easy contact with caregivers and valuable attention from family and friends.

2.Why did you participate in the voucher call? We are convinced that the people for whom the product or service is developed, provide the most valuable input for optimization. Therefore, we greatly appreciate test results given by people with dementia and their (in)formal caregivers.

3.What is your most important lesson learnt? Because we received feedback from both people with dementia and their (in)formal caregivers, we have gained insights into how we can improve the user-friendliness of the BBrain Family for both groups.

Quotes by testers (People with Dementia):

After a short adjustment phase, I always look directly at it when it makes a sound. So far, I have not missed any appointments.

It is an easy way to make quick contact to my loved ones.


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