What is the highlight of your product?

We are very happy to see that the Remembercan serves as a firestarter for all kinds of interactions. Children and grandchildren can use the QR-code to show video's of the past. Individually people can both look at the pictures and the fun facts on the backside of the card.


Why did you participate in the voucher call?

The access to high-quality researchers, designsupport and the actual testprocess are valuable for a company like ours. Gathering structured feedback 

What is your most important lesson learnt?

We're really happy that the cards are considered beautiful and easy to use. This is essential for us, since time in healthcaresettings is precious. 



Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


"These are memories that he has seen when he was a young man and they come back now."

"The product immediately appeals to me because of the large photo’s en clearness of the cards."






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