Tante Laura

What is the highlight of your product?

The "Tante Laura" app alleviates the loneliness of senior citizens who unfortunately can no longer make phone calls due to age or illness or who can no longer find their way in the new digital world of WhatApp etc..

The app is like a private family television. The family sends their dear seniors beautiful, familiar messages (photos, music, short videos, text greetings) on a tablet. There, the broadcasts arrive automatically. The seniors do not have to operate anything!


Why did you participate in the voucher call?

We were particularly interested in the objective assessment of the app by experts and the chance to make "Tante Laura" even better known in the circle of people affected by dementia.


What is your most important lesson learnt?

It's a nice feeling to be able to use the digital possibilities to help sick people.


Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


„Clear, friendly, practical“

„Beautiful opportunity for participation“

"I`m glad that you´ve found a way to make the world a little bit warmer and nicer for our seniors."




+49 (0) 202 743027

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