What is the highlight of your product?

TimeSteps gives people with dementia more day structure and time awareness. We do this via cell phone or tablet. The information is directly on the home screen with our widget. The time is written out and spoken in words. The main feature is that the user gets a reminder spoken aloud before the appointment. For example, "in ten minutes, the van will pick you up for day care".

Why did you participate in the voucher call?

To receive feedback on our product and network effects.

What is your most important lesson learnt?

Because it was a minimum viable product, we knew already most of our downsides. All the feedback we received was already improved in the new version. Next time we will wait a little longer before we start with a validation research.


Quotes by testers (people with dementia):


“A very nice app for my partner who has dementia and therefore can do things independently for longer. But not only for people with dementia is this app fine. Anyone who has trouble reading time should have it.”

“Just installed everything. What a nice app! The widget on the start screen makes my mother very happy! Thanks!”

“The text on the app is easy to read.”





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