Report Co-Creation Day November 2020

online meeting

26 November 2020 - 26 November 2020

The Co-Creations Day was organised and hosted by lead partner TU Delft. All four social housing organisations presented their business-as-usual and circular operations, stakeholders, and the ideas and perspective on the development of a Material Exchange Platform.

Material Exchange Platform
This meeting was organised to help and inform each other on existing platforms, where materials are being exchanged. Also, the discussion on this topic must help to formulate the conditions and ‘must haves’ of an ideal platform.

An essential element of the discussion was the 9R framework. This framework helped partner organisations to easily demonstrate which circular approaches are used in the current position and circular operations.

Inspirational examples
The social housing organisations have already been working with some platforms, such as:,, and In the UK is an award winning project. The project supported residents living on five housing estates to create community reuse enterprises.

The results
Sultan Çetin of TU Delft University and Juliette Mardon of social housing organisation Paris Habitat are going to report on the collected information and results. This report is expected in 2021.

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