Report Dutch Inspiration Days February 2021

online event and meeting

3 March 2021 - 3 March 2021

Webinar Research into circular design and management of social rented dwellings on 23rd of February 2021

This first webinar is part of the CHARM Dutch Inspiration Days, organised by TU Delft in February 2021. Prof. dr. ir. Vincent Gruis and dr. ir. Ad Straub welcomed all participant to this webinar. The session contained three presentations, presented by three PhD researchers of the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment on their research into design and asset management solutions for a circular social-rented housing stock.

Sultan Çetin presented about ‘Circular Economy in Dutch housing associations: Practices, barriers and enablers’. Together with Vincent Gruis and Ad Straub, Sultan has written a scientific article on this subject, called: ‘Towards Circular Social Housing: An Exploration of Practices, Barriers, and Enablers'. Anne van Stijn talked about: Developing and testing circular components for housing renovation: The example of the circular skin. Bas Jansen showed us the Circular Kitchen. Anne’s and Bas’ scientific article is called ‘Design guidelines for circular building components based on LCA and MFA: The case of the Circular Kitchen’. Co-authors of this article are: L.C.M. Eberhardt, and A. Meijer.

Presentation of Sultan Çetin: click here. Presentation of Anne van Stijn: click here. Presentation of Bas Jansen: click here.


CHARMing Talks #4 on 24th of February 2021

The fourth session of the CHARMing Talks was about ‘energy and circularity’. The topic was introduced by dr. ir. Ad Straub of lead partner TU Delft. Maarten Hommelberg of Flitshome presented and told about the solution that Flitshome offers to housing associations: sustainable renovations for the envelope of single-family dwellings. Maarten elaborated on the directions to make the renovation solutions, partly based on the use of ‘Rc-panels’, more circular.

CHARMing Talks has been recorded and can be seen on the CHARM YouTube Channel.


Webinar Buyer Groups for Circular Housing on 24th of February 2021

Dr. ir. Ad Straub introduced Gertjan de Werk of PIANOo. De Werk introduced and explained the so called ‘Buyer Groups’ and addressed the aims of the Buyer Group regarding circular renovation of social housing in this webinar. Floris den Boer of PIANOo also comments and replies on various moments.

Buyer groups are aimed to tackle the existing problems of sustainable procurement of public and private clients by harmonising their market demand and by formulating a market strategy. The Dutch Public Procurement Expertise Centre (PIANOo) has taken the initiative to set up Buyer Groups. It was set up to professionalise procurement and tendering in all government departments, with a view to improving efficiency and compliance with the rules. Professional procurement can contribute to successful policy and offers value for taxpayers' money. In the Buyer Group circular renovation of social housing 7 Dutch housing associations combine forces and market power. The ambition is that all renovation projects will be ‘as circular as possible’. Procurement for circular renovation projects will be KPI-based, one could think about reduce of CO2 emissions, the use of biobased materials, TCO).

See the presentation of Gertjan de Werk here


CHARM partner meeting on the 25th of February 2021

During this meeting, the CHARM partners discussed the extension of the project and the progress of the Interreg NWE funded project. The meeting was organised and hosted by lead partner TU Delft.

Due to the measures upon COVID-19 some demonstration exemplars have suffered delays. The extension of CHARM is nine months, so the project will finalise in July 2023. This will lead to a shift in planning and budgets. Lead partner TU Delft is in charge to arrange the formalities with Interreg NWE, with whom the extension is already communicated. Also, the partners agreed upon a new draft planning for the upcoming CHARM meetings in 2021 and 2022.

PhD researcher ir. Sultan Çetin, prof. dr. ir. Vincent Gruis and dr. ir. Ad Straub published an academic article, called Towards Circular Social Housing: An Exploration of Practices, Barriers, and Enablers. In March 2021, an article on the demonstration exemplar of social housing organisation Zonnige Kempen will be published by Renda. Renda is a network for professionals in the social housing sector in the Netherlands.

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