Report Westerlo Meeting

Westerlo, Belgium

19 February 2020

Anne Goidts and Jonathan Verdonck of Kamp C - the host of the second edition of the Inspiration Day - welcomed everybody to the premises of Kamp C. The event was co-organised by TU Delft, the lead partner of Interreg NWE funded project CHARM. Dr. ir. Ad Straub and Sultan Çetin-Öztürk of TU Delft moderated the day. 

In the morning and afternoon, several presentations and workshops were on the programme. 

The first and enthousiastic presenter Aart Wijnen of De Twee Snoeken gave an insight in how to use tools for decision-making asset management on data housing stock with outlook for circularity. Mark van Kan of S1mone presented how QR-codes can be connected to building objects using a smart tool/instrument. The third speaker was Emmanuel Cortés Garcia of Rotor. He told about the projects of Rotor and also about the FCRBE project. This project is about facilitating the circulation of reclaimed building elements. 

Sultan Çetin-Öztürk of TU Delft provided an interesting workshop on Digitalization. During this workshop, the participants had to answer three questions on how to gain and store digital information on making construction products circular.

After lunch Michiel Ritzen of Zuyd University of Applied Science had a inspiring talk on the project Superlocal. The Super Circular Estate contributes to a sustainable, low carbon, resource efficient economy by creating high-quality, desirable urban environment and affordable housing opportunities based on breakthrough innovative material and social circular solutions. Then, Susie Naval presented of Rotor explained the goals and working method of her organisation. Rotor is a cooperative design practice that investigates the organisation of the material environment.

The workshop of Jonathan Verdonck of Kamp C was about how to set up a tender for circular buildings and shared insights and experiences on this kind of tendering. The day ended with a presentation of Joris van Flaas of social housing organisation Zonnige Kempen. This presentation was an introduction to the site visit of the circular renovated head office of Zonnige Kempen in Herentals (Belgium).

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