A brochure of EFL Topic Group Construction

CHARM partner EFL published a brochure which is free to download on their website. This brochure is a summary of the EFL Construction Topic Group Meeting which was held in Munich and Bad Aibling (Germany).

The brochure provides insights from the recent meeting held in April 2023, focusing on cost-efficient and energy-efficient construction practices. 

Research from TU Munich underscores the importance of simplicity in construction for achieving climate-neutral building stocks. Highlights that expensive investments in installation technology and ventilation are often unnecessary but can significantly impact pricing. During this event, the tutorial of CHARM was presented to several Belgium, German and French social housing organisations. 

Keep yourself informed
These publications are valuable resources for staying informed about developments in the field of sustainable housing and cost-efficient construction. We encourage you to explore them and share your thoughts with EFL.

You can find the link to the brochure here.

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