New European Bauhaus

TU Delft and the European Federation for Living (EFL) joined the New European Bauhaus. The New European Bauhaus is a think-do tank initiated by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. It is a design laboratory, accelerator and network at the same time.

Sustainable and inclusive future
The New European Bauhaus initiative connects the European Green Deal to our living spaces. It calls on all Europeans to imagine and build together a sustainable and inclusive future that is beautiful for our eyes, minds, and souls.

The New European Bauhaus unfolds in three phases: Co-design, Delivery and Dissemination. The phases partly operate in parallel, as individuals and communities interested in the first ideas are most likely to become partners to deliver and scale up the initiative. The New European Bauhaus engages early through open conversations, to shape the concept in a large co-creation process. In parallel, the initiative needs to develop a framework of deliveries, to align with the ongoing planning of the Multi-annual Financial Framework.

More information
Check out the New European Bauhaus website.

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