Ecodesign - Learning Network & Group Coaching

Centexbel Zwijnaarde

2 September 2021 - 25 January 2022

Track 1

The learning network orientates the participants and enables them to put the Ecodesign principles into practice at an accelerated pace.

The most important part consists of guidance programs in groups where companies learn from each other. Experts provide a general knowledge transfer and guide the participating companies.

In 4 sessions of half a day the participating companies come together to learn and exchange information on the different aspects of Ecodesign.

Track 2

The group coaching guides the company over a period of six months and provides a sounding board in the implementation of Ecodesign in one of its products. Through coaching we motivate companies to effectively apply the Ecodesign principles. By working in groups, several companies can start the implementation process together in mutual trust.

The coaching consists of 4 group sessions. Each company is coached individually during 1,5 hour by the coach in preparation for the group sessions.

During the group coaching we work in group with the knowledge gained from the learning network. You choose a case within your company to work on during the different sessions.

Language is Dutch

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