European Union publishes ‘Ecodesign criteria for consumer textiles’


The study by Centexbel, Ovam, Vito is now available on the website of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform. 

This research project lists ecodesign criteria for circular fashion and textiles. It focused on giving consumer textiles a longer lifespan with optimal reuse potential, making disassembly and recovery possible, and exploring upcycling and high-quality recycling. Extending the life of textile products turned out to have the greatest impact in the short term. Quality seems to be the most impactful ecodesign criterion when it comes to improving the sustainability and circularity of consumer textiles as quickly as possible. The project defined seven product categories, identifying a set of minimum criteria for each. The report looks at existing labels, standards and regulations and the authors hope it will help expand the Ecodesign Directive by adding a textile category.

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