Final reports and recommendations

The CirCtex consortium is happy to present three final reports in conclusion of the project:

Thermal and Chemical recycling of textile waste  

Edwin Maes – Centexbel / Marta Molist – Antex / Birgit Stubbe – Centexbel

CircTex provided a proof-of-concept for fully recyclable workwear within the NWE region by developing technologies for large-scale processing of PET workwear, which was validated and demonstrated in a closed chain pilot. The material and yarns were produced by means of a thermomechanical recycling process. After use the garments were disassembled, the polyester material, that should be as pure as possible were chemically recycled via a depolymerization process.

Procurement guide for sustainable and circular textiles and products made from textiles

Edwin Maes - Centexbel

Guidance for circular procurement procedures

Washing of recycled polyester fabrics within the CircTex project

Philippe Colignon & Edwin Maes – Centexbel

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