PRecycling: EU horizon project

CircTex partner Centexbel is one of the seventeen partners of the European project “Plastics Recycling from and for Home Appliances, Toys, and Textile (PRecycling)”, funded by the Horizon Europe research and innovation program. Its objective is to produce high-quality recyclates from plastic waste streams by developing an easy-to-use methodology for sorting, sampling, tracing, recycling techniques, and analysis procedures of both plastic waste streams and recyclates.

PRecycling will develop new technologies and methods to promote the circularity of plastics to overcome obstacles from current technologies by designing materials and formulations from recyclable plastic resources, ensuring their quality and safe use, verifying the recyclate content, and at the same time producing new added-value products, both in the closed and open loop.

Centexbel will carry out research about

  • The removal of legacy additives and impurities
  • The removal of solvent residues, VOC, additives, etc. using scCO2
  • Recycling/upcycling and compounding
  • Quality control of recycled materials for textile use
  • Design and production of a circular polyester textile

The consortium will utilise the MORE Platform when developing tracking, and tracing methodologies that will allow full digitalisation of the recyclates management, through the development of digital traceability systems and complete digital information management via blockchain technologies.

PRecycling is coordinated by NTUA, the National Technical University of Athens – Greece

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