Recap Circular Textile Days 2022

During Circular Textile Days 2022 more than 50 companies from 8 different countries have participated, shared their knowledge and/or have showed their innovative circular textile solutions.

New textile applications were on display at the Innovation Forum

From new raw materials and yarns to recycled new garments. Also various recycling techniques were explained.

Additionally, companies have pitched their innovations and solutions by a short and powerful presentation to an interested audience, in an informal and accessible setting. This made the pitches very entertaining and attractive and a very well-appreciated new aspect of Circular Textile Days.

The sold-out workshops were a great success

Workshop participants have learned about impact calculation, circular design, due diligence, transparency and more. And besides the input from the skilled workshop coaches, the discussions with each other, about the many steps to circular textiles and the personal views of the attendees, added a lot of value.

Because the workshops were so well received, the workshops will definitely be back in the 2023 Circular Textile Days!

The presentations on a variety of topics were well attended throughout the two days

All circular textile chain topics were discussed by experts like Josse Kunst (CuRe Technology), Edwin Maes (Centexbel) and Sina Steidinger (self-employed denim designer).

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