Welcome to the world of Wear2® Ecostitching Technology

Welcome to the world of Wear2® Ecostitching Technology 

Sustainability and circularity are increasingly finding their way into the textile industry. 

Companies worldwide are working hard to create innovative solutions to enable upcycling of expensive and limited available (organic) raw materials. Despite of all these good initiatives, the acceleration is unfortunately not yet fast enough. Perhaps also because stakeholders in the textile chain are too cautious to take the first step.

With pioneering and specialized partners, Wear2Go is now almost at the start of implementation the groundbreaking innovation of Wear2® Ecostitching Technology. With innovation combined with collaboration and transparency, we are able to significantly improve the social and environmental consequences of the current clothing industry. An important contribution will be realized by a new Wear2® platform which construction and programming has now started and will be ready in the first part of 2021.

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