CleanMobilEnergy at the "Tag der Sommerfrische"

Schwarzatal, Germany

20 August 2022 - 21 August 2022

The Stuttgart City Pilot mobility stations will be placed in Schwarzatal this weekend for the "Tag der Sommerfrische". Attendees of the regional event will be offered a demonstration of the CleanMobilEnergy REMove solution – the cloud-based energy management system developed within the project.

A special focus of this year's "Tag der Sommerfrische" will be placed on climate-friendly mobility, making the event all the more relevant to our German CME pilot partners. Participants are also invited try out pedelecs between Schwarzburg and Bad Blankenburg.

Further, many experts discussed and focused on the effects of the climate crisis and the development scenarios for Schwarzatal on August 12th to 13th during the “Schwarzburg Talks”, one week before the official event.

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