Bas Eickhout (MEP) becomes a CME Ambassador

As of Monday, the 19th of March, Bas Eickhout, a Member of European Parliament for the Netherlands, is officially a member of the trans-European CME Ambassador network. As a CME Ambassador, Eickhout will engage with CleanMobilEnergy (CME) on a local, regional, and EU level throughout the project lifetime to leverage CME policy recommendations and thus accelerate growth of the CME approach.

The CME Ambassadors are a foremost feature in the communication and dissemination of CME outputs to assure CME produces long-term effects. The CME Ambassadors form a trans-European Ambassadors' network to provide lasting results that will extend well beyond the project’s completion.

Specifically, Bas Eickhout will promote the CME project when visiting other cities in Europe as a Member of European Parliament, aim to be present at any major CME events, and strongly consider any recommendations from the CME partnership regarding EU legislation. 

The CME project greatly benefits from the support of the Ambassadors' network, as the Ambassadors provide leverage for the CME project in terms of enabling real legislation change. This being said, the CME partnership also opens up a whole new network for individual CME Ambassadors, connecting likeminded individuals working together for further renewable energy uptake, energy efficiency and emission reduction, especially within the transportation sector.


Welcome to CleanMobilEnergy, Bas!

Bas Eickhout (center), MEP for the Netherlands, alongside Arnout Smit (left), a representative in Brussels for the Arnhem-Nijmegen Region, and Peter Swart (right) of lead partner Gemeente Arnhem for CleanMobilEnergy

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