CME City Pilot demonstrations at Stuttgart's "Katholikentag"

On the 25th to 29th of May, the central committee of German Catholics (ZDK) gathered for the 102nd "Katholikentag" (Catholic Day). For five days, tens of thousands of Catholics and believers of all denominations and many religions from Germany, Europe and the world came together to pray, discuss and celebrate. Church services, large and small podiums, workshops, concerts, exhibitions, theatre and much more await the visitors.

The German Catholic Conventions are major events with over 170 years of tradition. They take place every two years – each time in a different city. 

This year, our partners at eFlow Europe took with them the CME REMove system – our project's interoperable energy management system  as demonstrated through the Stuttgart City Pilot. The main target groups included members of the Catholic church in Germany, as well as decision makers in church organisations. The overall aim was to gain high-level visibility for CleanMobilEnergy's energy management solution and initiate discussions with church members and decision makers on potential local implementations. 





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