CME – Sharing Cities Knowledge International Meeting

This November, an international meeting was held between two pilot demonstration cities (Arnhem and London), together with LIST and the Greater London Authority (GLA), to discuss GLA’s role in the Sharing Cities project and any lessons learned or possible technology transfer to CME.

Having been hosted by CME partner Transport for London (TfL), the meeting took place on the 1st of November 2018 in London, UK.

The meeting opened with a warm welcome from Mark Poulton of TfL and was followed by some round-table introductions. Lead partner Peter Swart (Arnhem) and Shaun Gibbons (GLA) then conducted a comprehensive overview of CME and Sharing Cities projects. Mark Poulton and Peter Swart then held an overview of the specific city pilots within CME.

The CME iEMS description, functionality, design and procurement process was covered by Ulrich Leopold (LIST), which then gave way to the Sharing Cities Smart Energy Management System - SEMS description, interfaces, virtual testing (digital twin) presentation by Shaun Gibbons of GLA.

Following a lunch break, the participants shared experiences regarding the approaches to iEMS/SEMS, in addition to lessons learned and any technology transfer opportunities within the scope of CleanMobilEnergy.


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