EU New Energy Projects convene in Arnhem

At IPKW industrial estate in Arnhem this September, three ''new energy in Europe'' events were combined to find synergy between different EU project:

  1. Visit of three members of EU Parliament
  2. Vital Nodes meeting as fore runner of EU day for regions
  3. Meeting of partners of several EU projects

The event concluded with a networking dinner.

In the province of Gelderland (NL) several partners are involved in a variety of energy projects in different EU programmes like Interreg NWE and CEF:

  • CleanMobilEnergy (Interreg NWE): lead partner Arnhem (province of Gld is associated partner)
  • H2 Nodes (CEF): leadpartner is Riga (Arnhem is partner)
  • ECCO: lead partner is Lochem Energy is partner
  • CAN: lead partner is Klimatverbund (Arnhem is partner)
  • Ebus 2020: Kiepe (Germany) is lead partner (Arnhem is partner)

First, three MEPs were welcomed by CEO of IPKW (Kevin Rijke) and later they were shown around the estate and were given short introductions of all projects and of several companies on the estate (Allego, Hygear). The MEPs were also given the message that working for different EU programmes gives us a nice overview of all the differents rules and management systems…please make it more simple!

In the session with the partners of the different EU projects, partners gave presentations on their projects and synergy was found between several projects - especially between the ECCO and CAN projects.

Vital Nodes was attended by other local stakeholders and CME partners from POLIS

The exciting day was ended with a informal dinner at IPKW to socialize and network.

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