Nottingham City Council visits world’s first fully electric Vehicle2Grid commercial fleet

In May 2018, members of the CleanMobilEnergy project team from Nottingham City Council visited Copenhagen, Denmark, in order to learn and adopt good practices from the Parker Project. The Parker Project is applying grid balancing services to a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs) to demonstrate their potential to support the electricity grid as power resources.

Hosted by Nuvve, a provider of Vehicle2Grid (V2G) solutions and Parker Project partner, the event included a presentation from Copenhagen Electric, a government-run organisation which promotes uptake of EVs, and a visit to Frederiksberg Forsyning, a local energy company with a fleet of fully electric Nissan ENV200 vans (used by their maintenance team).

Photo: The maintenance vans hooked up to the V2G charging units while back at home base.


V2G charging units have been installed for each van and the vans are plugged in whenever they are at base. They can then be used to provide fast frequency response services to the grid, while ensuring they have enough charge to complete scheduled journeys.

The CME project team gathered valuable information and experience about the installation and day-to-day management of the new technology to be used in their City Pilot in Nottingham. As part of this project, 40 V2G units and electric vans will be procured, alongside a stationary battery and Solar PV. Energy flows between the various components, an adjacent building and the grid will be managed by an iEMS to be developed through the CME project.


Photo: V2G charging units have been installed for each van at this site in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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