Opening of Nieuwe Haven cold ironing installation Arnhem, NL

On the 7th of December 2018, CME Ambassadsor and councillor of the city of Arnhem, Cathelijne Bouwkamp, officially opened to the public the CME cold ironing installation in Arnhem. This installation will first run on the normal energy mix of the Netherlands (base line operation) and will be connected to the solar field in 2020. The opening was attended by several stakeholders, many of them ship owners.

CME Ambassadsor Cathelijne Bouwkamp initiated the ribbon cutting ceremony of the CME cold ironing installation in Arnhem in December 2018.

In the Nieuwe Haven (New Harbor) in Arnhem, the first installation of the Arnhem City Pilot has been realised: a cold ironing, or shore-to-ship (SSP), installation that will apply around 18 ships (3 connections) with renewable energy directly in the harbor. These 400 A conncetions are connected to the grid through a transformation installation also procured through Interreg North-West Europe. The power provided at the moment is still not renewable, this is the base line operation. In 202o cold ironing will be connected to the 10 MW solar field. But first in 2019 storage will be added to this installation.

Stakeholders and other beneficiaries of Arnhem's new cold ironing installation gathered inside Walvoorzieningen NL's workshop to celebrate their low carbon future.

Due to bad weather conditions, CME Ambassador Bouwkamp initiated the official ribbon cutting ceremony of the harbor inside the workshop of Walvoorzieningen NL, another Dutch CME partner. With a push of a button, Bouwkamp initiated a short movie showcasing the revelation of the transformator installation.

Afterwards, all visitors celebrated the future of clean mobility over a nice meal and drinks.

Below is a photo series of some highlights from the event. Scroll through the panels to watch the Dutch CME pilot site come to life!

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