Successful Fabrication Acceptance Test of 550 kWh storage Arnhem

On the 16th of December, the City of Arnhem, DNV-GL and WV Nederland were in Hengelo to perform the Fabrication Acceptance Test of the purchased 500 kWh Li Fe PO4 battery. The test was successful, so the battery will be shipped to Arnhem in January 2020 to be installed at the Dutch CME pilot site.

Through a European tender process, SuperB in Hengelo, Netherlands was selected to deliver the 500 kWh storage for the Arnhem City Pilot. In this pilot, the storage will be linked directly to the transformer WV NLD has realised to connect the shore-to-ship power, or cold ironing, to the grid (2 MVA connection). Later, when the solar field is realised, renewable energy of this field will be stored in this battery. Stored energy will be utilised throughout the day to supply power to charging of cars or for medium-sized ships.

To commission the battery, which is a 500 kWh Li FePO4 battery with 125 kW power capacity, two tests are needed: a Fabric Acceptance Test (FAT) at the location where the battery was assembled and a Site Acceptance Test (SAT).

On the 16th of December, Koen Broess (DNV-GL, Storage Specialist), Jan Fransen (owner of WV NLD and electrical engineer) and Peter Swart (Municipality of Arnhem) traveled to Hengelo to go through the FAT with technicians of SuperB. A checklist was ticked off and the FAT was concluded successfully. In the second week of January 2020, the battery will be shipped to Arnhem, connected to the transformer by a local company and a SAT will be performed.

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