CAN Kick-Off Meeting

Mantes-la-Jolies (France)

27 April 2016 - 28 April 2016

27/28 April 2016 - Successful kick-off meeting of “Climate Active Neighbourhoods” in Mantes-la-Jolies (France)

„Climate Active Neighbourhoods“ (CAN), a European INTERREG partnership project of cities, city networks and energy agencies from five countries in Northwest Europe aims to increase the capacity of local public authorities in NWE cities to implement their low-carbon strategies more effectively using a “neighbourhood approach”. The partnership met for a kick of meeting in April 2016 in Mantes-la-Jolie to start with supporting each other regarding the implementation of measures for attainment.

In the focus of the 1st Working Group Meeting were the development of new models for bottom up action on GHG emission reduction and the assessment of neighbourhood profiles. The partners presented their first steps and described which supporting tools were used to analyse the neighbourhoods. To develop and optimize the roles of local authorities, energy and housing agencies with regard to share responsibilities to bottom-up initiatives three approaches where discussed: “Grass-root-level”, “Multiplicator” and “Face-to face”.

Host EPAMSA, a public development organisation, introduced the partnership to its method of “Energy Performance Contracts (CPE)” which are organised between a Consortium of undertakings (works, heating, architect and technical consulting) and the contracting authority, establishing targets in terms of energy use and providing a performance guarantee with penalties and share of dividends. The challenge lies with the multitude of companies and institutions as well as the number of poor co-owners not being able to receive bank loans.

Projects partners of Climate Active Neighbourhoods are: Lead Partner Climate Alliance (network of European municipalities and indigenous peoples taking local action on global climate change), Amicus Horizon (social housing company) with Energise Sussex and Hastings Borough Council, Gemeente Arnhem, Brest métropole with Brest Energence, Energieagentur Rheinland-Pfalz, Stadt Essen, Liège Energie with Ville de Liège, Plymouth City Council, EPAM Seine-Aval (public development organisation) with Mantes-la-Jolie, Stadt Worms.

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