“Maison des sens” in Brest – Awareness raising event on fuel poverty


19 November 2022 - 20 November 2022

“Maison des sens” in Brest – Awareness raising event on fuel poverty

In November 2022, Brest Métropole organised a public event called “Maison des sens” within the 5th edition of “Climat declic” festival. During this festival, local stakeholders were invited to present their actions on the topic of energy transitions in workshops, conferences, shows and small events. The “Maison des sens” (lit. House of Senses) was a great success with more than 200 participants. It aimed to raise awareness on fuel poverty, to provide advices and to promote CAN SME activities of Brest Métropole targeting small businesses and shop keepers. The House informed the visitors, for example, about the consequences of humidity and mould on the health and prevent on the use of unsuitable heating systems or defective installations. It was built by the local association “Compagnons Bâtisseurs de Bretagne” and the energy agency “Ener'gence”.

The participants were employees, managers, retired persons, a secondary class and students. They mostly came to discuss and get advice on their personal situation. Energy poverty is a big challenge that the metropole wishes to highlight more. 20,000 households could be concerned by this issue in and around Brest.

The “Maison des sens” stayed open to the public during the second edition of the national Day against Energy Poverty. The Brest Métropole team plans to use this instrument again after the end of the project.

Picture: Brest Métropole

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