Transnational web meeting in June


23 June 2022

On 23 June 2022, the 4th Transnational Support Meeting for the CAN Capitalisation Phase took place online.

This meeting focused mainly on the approach of the partners of Liège City. Whitney Bardner from the City of Liège presented the digital survey they developped to address SMEs. It targets shop owners and aims to understand their situation and problems, especially with regards to the multiple crises (COVID-19, Ukrainian war). The hope of the City of Liège is that these hard times will provide an opportunity for a transition to a sustainable economy. The local authority wants to support the shop owners in this transition by building a network between them and informing about available (financial) supports. In any case, the aim is to create awareness for more sustainability.

Following the presentation, the partners discussed ideas about how to talk to SMEs and shop owners and ask for data while keeping them interested.

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