5 Years of Aerial Thermography in Liège

Liège-Energie Celebrates 5-years Anniversary of Aerial Thermography

The local energy agency Liège-Energie together with the municipality of Liège is organising 2 days of events to celebrate the 5-years anniversary of aerial thermography. During the first years of the CAN project, aerial thermography have been developed to assess the insulation condition of buildings' roofs thanks a plane equipped with an infrared camera. The results were provided to the inhabitants and were coupled with face to face consultations to promote energy saving solutions and energy retrofits. Back then, more than 500 citizens made use of this offer.

These two days are good opportunities to inform the citizens about the state of their roofs' insulation, but also to inform them about financial solutions and raise awareness on energy savings. All of these services are free of charge. The event takes place at the Maison de l’Habitat from 13 to 14 January in Liège.

Since 2022, Liège-Energie works as a local platform for energy retrofitting (One-Stop-Shop) and support candidates like house owners during all the stages of their renovation journey. The platform offers a personalized support, with e.g. a selection of affordable energy auditors, a list of trusted contractors who are members of the Liège-Energie Ambassador label, as well as help for choosing adapted financing options. Advices on energy consumption reduction are also provided.

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