CAN project is tacking a new direction

After a successful implementation of low carbon methods and solutions together with residents and neighbourhood initiatives, the Interreg NWE funded project CAN is tacking a new direction for the next two years. Two new partners joined the board, the City of Li├Ęge (BE) and the 3 Counties Energy Agency (IR). Further gaps for reducing GHG emissions were identified by the partners, who now want to explore and use opportunities to effectively improve the outreach to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) in buildings with mixed-uses. Using the adjusted CAN approaches such as multiplicators and face to face methods, the partners will develop and improve innovative forms of cooperation with the SMEs. The next transnational support meeting, which takes place online middle of September 2021, will be the opportunity for the partners to discuss about different approaches and activities to address and mobilise SMEs.

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