City of Liege launched a new web platform to support economic sector

How to support the economic sector in a context of energy crisis? Within the CAN SME project, the city of Liege developed a digital tool to help SMEs to get advices and resources in their journey towards more sustainability.

Launched in October 2022, the web platform "Entreprendre durable" (in engl. "Sustainable entrepreneurship") aims to facilitate the access to information concerning energy issues and sustainable development by listing regional and local programmes and resources.

Thanks to intensive research and data collection, the platform offers various information sheets that adapt to the specific needs of users (depending on their activity sector and interest). This includes advices on energy efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and bills, reduction of carbon footprint or adoption to a circular economy model. The platform brings together a wide range of supports, such as audits, financing solutions (loans, investments, subsidies...), certifications, networking opportunities as well as practical tools (e.g. carbon calculators).

The launch of "Entreprendre durable" will be followed by the organisation of workshops. The first event will be held in November 2022 and is in cooperation with Sowalfin, a regional support agency for businesses.

Web platform "Entreprendre durable"

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