Focus on the activities of 3CEA in Ireland

3 Counties Energy Agency joined the CAN project as a partner in 2021. It is a non-profit independent energy agency to support the counties of Kilkenny, Carlow, Wexford, Waterford and beyond to reduce its CO2 emissions by stimulating, driving, and contributing to the implementation of best practices in the field of energy efficiency.

Several promotion opportunities such as during webinars and conferences were used to inform the businesses about grants for retrofitting their premises, especially funding options for free energy audits.

After these first promotions, the 3CEA-team launched CAN-specific information webinar for public bodies such as Local Authorities, Local Enterprise Offices, Public Participation Networks, CARO, and SEAI at the beginning of October. The goal of this webinar was to inform public bodies as multiplicators and provide them with promotional material to forward potential interested SMEs. Last but no least, SMEs were encouraged to apply for energy audit during an additional webinar. This webinar coincided with the launch of the webpage and the official opening of applications.

3CEA hope to deliver 150 audits to SMEs in the nursing home, food production/agriculture, supermarket/shopping mall, and office-building sectors. These audits will help the enterprises to identify the needs and opportunities for energy saving in these businesses processes and buildings, and at least, reduce their carbon footprint.

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