What can energy poverty look like? Testimonies from Brest, France

Over the last decade, Brest métropole has been fully commited to the fight against fuel poverty, including at European level via the CAN project. In November 2022, Brest métropole built together with local actors a “Maison des sens” (litr. House of Senses) in order to raise public awareness during several local events. The "Maison des Sens" is a reconstitution of a typical flat affected by fuel poverty.

Together with the local association “Compagnons Bâtisseurs de Bretagne” and the local energy agency “Ener'gence”, the Brest team conducted interviews with people affected by energy poverty in the city and its surroundings municipalities. They explained how does a bad insulation and unhealthy living impact their life. The collected testimonies were played in the House and contributed to create an "immersive experience" for the participants. A video was produced with the testimonies, pictures of affected households as well as of the "Maison des Sens".

When you are in a precarious situation, you are precarious at all levels. You are precarious in energy, clothing, social [...]. You live much more alone. [...] Then when you live in a place that looks like a ruin, well, you don't want to invite people to visit your ruin.

Marie-Noelle, 58 years old

Video with testimonies from Brest

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