Winner of REGIOSTARS Award Category "Building Climate Resilient Cities"

During the festive REGIOSTARS award ceremony on 10 October Climate Active Neighbourhouds won the award in category 4 “Building Climate Resilient Cities”. The REGIOSTARS honours EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and innovative approaches in regional development.

Energy retrofits of existing residential areas make an important contribution to achieving EU goals on CO2 emissions. Since 2016, the CAN partners have been increasing the capacity of their local municipalities to implement their climate action strategies more effectively using a bottom-up neighbourhood approach. CAN successfully tackles a range of issues related to energy efficiency and local responsibility via innovative financial tools, home energy visits for retrofitting, citizen engagements and new governance models. Residents of deprived areas are empowered to take initiative and act for climate locally mainly thanks to energy-improved households, a key factor to reduce energy poverty.

The success of CAN is the sum of many. All partners are beyond proud of being part of this unique project and their achievements. The project consortium consists of partners from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK – a great example for inter-regional cooperation.


Picture: European Commission Representation Belgium

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