COBRACOMP presentation webinar 15 June 2021

Online event

15 June 2021 - 15 June 2021

Join us for the first COBRACOMP online event where we will introduce the project & consortium to the wide public, and give a deeper insight into braided reinforcements for composite materials. The event will start at 1 :00 pm and will last until 2:15 pm. 

13:00 -13:10: Welcome

Introduction to braiding technology - Stephan Voskamp, Eurocarbon

Eurocarbon, manufacturer of braiding machines and braided reinforcements will introduce braiding for the reinforcement of composites and the performance objective of the new reinforcement under development in COBRACOMP.

Braiding for composites materials turboprop blades - Pascal Amat, Collins aerospace / Ratier-Figeac

Collins Aerospace / Ratier-Figeac, a leading supplier of propeller systems, will present the current use of braiding for the reinforcement of turboprop engine composites blades.

The COBRACOMP project - Nicolas Martin, EuraMaterials

EuraMaterials, cluster of materials processing industries and project coordinator will present the COBRACOMP partnership and the objectives of the project.

13:50-14:15: Question session to COBRACOMP partners

 This event is free of charge. Registration is compulsory. 

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