Presentation of the braiding machine

COBRACOMP will focus on the development of a new high performance multilayer triaxial braiding process allowing fast, automated and repeatable manufacturing of composites reinforcements. During the project, two innovative braiding machines will be developed to manufacture two innovative textile braid architectures, as well as digital simulation and part design tools.

The creation of a transnational network on the theme of braided composite materials will help to disseminate information to all project targets. This network will also help sustain the use of project results after its completion

The Benefits of braiding

Braiding is a highly automated textile process that allows to manufacture near net shape, preforms, tailored to the shape of complex geometry composite parts.

The new COBRACOMP braid architecture will go beyond standard triaxial braiding with a multilayer assembly with more axial yarn, more fibre fraction, more homogeneity leading to higher mechanical performance.

New braid architecture benefits

Conventional tri-axial braid

The conventilal tri-axial braid has the following properties:

  • Gaps between UD
  • Bias to UD ratio 2:1 = 33%
  • No interlocking, only nesting
  • One UD section per layer

Cobracomp architecture

The Cobracomp architecture is made with a machine with 2 rows of gears and will have one extra position to feed UD fiber inbetween the braided architecture. This will lead to the following properties:

  • No gaps between UD
  • Bias to UD ratio 5:4 = 80%
  • Interlocking of 2 layers + nesting
  • 4 UD sections per layer . Center fiber is double size.


See the video of the braiding machine

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