Ready to take up a challenge? Collaborate with leading MedTech companies to tackle diagnostic challenges and open the path for partnership exploration with Meet&Match.Dx.

1 September 2022 - 1 September 2022

Join the Meet & Match.Dx, a challenge-based acceleration programme that connects SMEs developing breakthrough diagnostic solutions with major pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Europe through tailored workshops and one-to-one pitch sessions, with the aim to explore partnership opportunities.

In 2022 Medtronic, GSK, Abbott and ThermoFisher have released challenges and are inviting SMEs to apply with operational products and services.

Challenges in 2022:

  1. Non-invasive tools to measure nutrient status in children and adults in collaboration with Abbott (read full description)
  2. Accurate, real-time visualization of tumors during oncology resection surgeries in collaboration with Medtronic (read full description)
  3. Point-of-care test for allergy in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific (read full description)
  4. Disruptive solutions for early disease identification and interdisciplinary treatment of eosinophilic diseases in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG (read full description)

The Meet & Match.Dx progamme is part of the Interreg NWE Codex4SMEs project. Further information about the programme and the 2022 challenges can be found here and on the Codex4SMEs website. Interested SMEs can browse the description of the challenges here, and join our webinar on 1 September 2022 (11:00 AM CEST) by registering here.

Application deadline: 4 September 2022!

How to apply for services?

  • Check your eligibility:

    • Does your company meets the SME definition of the EU?

    • Did your SME receive more than a total of €200.000 of de Minimis state aid between 2020 and 2022? For more information about de-minimis aid. You can find helpful information via these links  de minimis rule and state aid.

  • Before you apply, read the full Meet & Match.Dx programme description

  • Complete application form

  • Submit your application and your de minimis self-declaration by September 4th, 2022

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