In June 2022 we launched the first edition of the Meet&Match.Dx programme, a challenge-based acceleration programme that connects SMEs developing breakthrough diagnostic solutions with major pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in Europe.

We are glad to announce today that 16 companies have been selected to participate in the programme and explore partnership opportunities with Medtronic, Abbott, GSK and ThermoFisher Scientific.

Over the next three months, the selected companies will participate in 4 modules, including a pitch training, access to experts, partnership exploration meetings, and a Demo day to showcase their solution to external Pharma & MedTech companies.

Challenge: Non-invasive tools to measure nutrient status in children and adults in collaboration with Abbott

  • Usense– By capitalizing on AI and ML, Usense’s solution makes it possible to detect the presence of many biomarkers, thereby facilitating early diagnosis, control of pathologies and, more generally, monitoring of patients health status.
  • Vitascale– Vitascale is a German company focused on the development of respiratory gas diagnostic systems that effectively assist in weight loss and performance enhancement.
  • Kiffik Biomedical, Inc. – A BioTech company that has developed a revolutionary technology based on the continuous extraction of native Interstitial Fluid (ISF) that will transform the medical, life science, and health monitoring industries.
  • Aitaca – Based in Spain, Aitaca develops AI-based 3D modeling engine which transforms a picture of the full-body into an accurate 3D body model with comprehensive measurements.

Challenge: Accurate, real-time visualization of tumors during oncology resection surgeries in collaboration with Medtronic

  • Flash Pathology– Flash Pathology is a Dutch Medtech company developing a game-changing technology that provides on-site digital histological imaging of just-excised and unprepared tissue biopsies for real-time tumor diagnosis and better, safer tumor resection margins.
  • MedApp– MedApp is a Polish technology company offering unique solutions to support diagnostic imaging and next-generation digital medicine, revolutionizing the ways lives can be saved and patients can be treated.
  • Cella Medical Solutions– A Spanish company which has developed and patented 3D-MSP® technology, an advanced 3D modeling system for planning complex surgeries.
  • Raidium– This French company’s motto is “Next generation radiological screening to cure lethal diseases before they happen”.
  • Medics3d– Medics is an Italian company that has developed Hyper Accuracy 3D® (HA3D®), a three-dimensional, extremely precise patient- specific anatomical reconstruction, which is used by doctors and their team to draw up an optimal surgical plan.

Challenge: Point-of-care test for allergy in collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • PosaNova – Posanova is a premium provider of Polysaccharide building blocks, located in the heart of Germany.
  • 1 DROP – 1DROP’s goal is to improve patient lives by enabling personalized healthcare through non-invasive diagnostic tests providing actionable health information that is accessible to everyone at any time.
  • Magia Diagnostics – The French company developed a highly innovative and generic technology allowing for easy transfer of any immunoassay onto their portable system, enabling to bring lab immunoassays directly to the patient.
  • Delta Diagnostics – The Dutch spinoff has developed integrated photonics to create highly sensitive and selective biosensors. Their chips and readout device can be used anywhere from medical research, agriculture to Point-of-Care diagnostic applications.

Challenge: Disruptive solutions for early disease identification and interdisciplinary treatment of eosinophilic diseases in collaboration with GlaxoSmithKline GmbH & Co. KG

  • Oxford Immune Algorithmics – An award-winning AI company, incubated by the University of Oxford, that specialises in rapid at-home testing for immune health monitoring.
  • Dioscope– Dioscope is the leading medical education platform in Portugal,  providing an all-around knowledge solution to empower thousands of current and future healthcare providers throughout their medical careers.
  • RespiBit – This Greek digital health company is providing personalized, predictive, and protective solutions for healthy living with respiratory diseases.


Congratulations to the selected companies!

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