Personalized Medicine bridges across the Atlantic

On September 12, 2023 the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC), Interreg NWE Codex4SMEs and European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine (EATRIS) hosted a virtual tutorial  on the regulatory pathways for bringing new diagnostics to market in the United States and Europe. More than 100 diagnostics industry executives and employees attended the event to get insights in the efficient regulatory review of a new generation of innovative diagnostics that promise to advance the frontiers of personalized medicine to benefit patients and health systems.

During the tutorial, experts from Goldbug Strategies, which advises innovative molecular science and digital health technology companies on their business and regulatory strategies, and Veranex, which delivers technology and service solutions to medical technology companies from concept to commercialization, delivered a presentation defining the available regulatory pathways before taking questions from an online audience comprised of representatives from PMC, Codex4SMEs, and EATRIS’ member networks.

Links to video recording & presentation of the virtual tutorial

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