Successful kick-off of the roadshow in France

The European project “CODEX4SMEs - Companion diagnostics expedited for small and medium-sized businesses” organized its first ROADSHOW in Paris. June 21 was the official start - here the project partners got an overview of the paris region.

During the event, the participants recieved an overview of the French in vitro Diagnosis market of Jean-Pierre HERMET, JPH (Joint Partners for Healthcare) and Author of the central biology laboratories overview for the french journal Les Echos.

Further topics were:

  • Companion Diagnostic Regulation - Sylvie Le GLEDIC, Director, Medical Devices & IVD Voising Consulting
  • BMK TOOLS ®: Bridging biomarkers from the lab to the market for the patient - Inès AMADO, Deputy director, Aviesan
  • The companion diagnostic approaches : the bottom-up and the top down strategies – Sylvain LEHMANN, Department of Medical Biology in Montpellier Hospital and Co-chair of the Scientific Council of the French Society of Clinical Biology (SFBC)
  • Roche Diagnostics & Roche Pharmaceuticals France Feedbacks - Olivier PERCHE, Public & Medical Affairs Project Leader & Nadia Bahmad at Roche Diagnostics, National Market Access Leader at Roche
  • Innovation, research and services of the Biological Research Centre of the hospital group Saint Louis/Lariboisière/Fernand Widal - Philippe MANIVET, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Public Assistance of Paris Hospitals, AP-HP

Furthermore, one of the advantages of the Codex4SMEs project was presented - a privileged biobank access

The Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg and the Biobank Graz provided an overview of the service.



group picture of first rpadshow in paris

Roadshow in Germany


Almost a month later, on July 13, the second roadshow took place in Germany. The partners visited companies active in the filed of companion diagnostics and got exciting insights into the STERN bioregion.

We thank Curetis, the Quantitative Biology Center (QBic), Synovo, CeGaT and Signatope for the warm welcome and the interresting presentations.


To establish the companion diagnostics community, five roadshows are planned. The roadshows are considered to get to know each partners ecosystem in the field of Cdx.

Today we would like to invite interested companies to participate in the double session. The date of the first double session event has already been decided - on November 9, 2018, the first session will take place in Stuttgart Germany. One highlight will be a key session on current topics of the new IVDR.

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