Bax & Company presents COTEMACO at RoboBusiness Conference

Santa Clara, California.

27 September 2018 - 27 September 2018

On Thursday 27th September, Marc Verbenkov of Bax & Company will present COTEMACO at the RoboBusiness conference in Santa Clara California at 2 pm.

More information below:



Field Labs are mock environments used to test key scenarios relevant to multiple industries, such as automotive and food processing/handling. By running these and connecting them across Europe, it’s possible to demonstrate the value of cobots to multiple industry players.

Follower industries (such as food handling) can benefit from being introduced to well established best practices of leader industries (such as automotive). Cobots, with human cooperation, are Industry 4.0’s answer to increased competitiveness within many manufacturing industries.

This session describes a multi-national project including partners from 4 European countries using pilot sites to showcase collaborative robotics for the benefit of SMEs. The results and practices will be translated to other areas in the EU, and could be applied in the U.S.

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