Demo: Smart customised production at Voka x FlandersMake event

Flanders Make, Oude Diestersebaan, 133 3920 Lommel

16 October 2018 - 16 October 2018

How to produce flexibly through new technologies?

The new technologies, which follow each other quickly, provide opportunities for companies to respond quickly to a rapidly changing market demand. Companies that organise their production in a very flexible and agile manner can produce 'personalised' products at acceptable costs. An example of such a new technology is collaborative robotics where the strengths of the technology (repetition and accuracy) are combined with the strengths of the employee (flexibility and creativity). This prevents physical or mental strain. We are working on this in COTEMACO

These Industry 4.0 technologies offer great opportunities for existing and new companies.


09.00: Welcome by Ger van den Kerkhof, Sr. Account Manager Flanders Make 
09.10: How flexible production with new technology by Sonia Vanderlinden, Cluster Manager "Flexible Assembly" Flanders Make 
09.40: Flanders Make demo
11.00: Successful cases of collaborative robotics by Stijn Janssen, KUKA Automation & Robots 
11.30: Explanation Cotemaco project by Ger van den Kerkhof, Sr. Account Manager Flanders Make 
11.40: Feedback from participants by Veroniek Hermans, staff member Innovation Voka - Chamber of Commerce Limburg 
11.55: Wrap up 
12.00: Sandwich lunch

Target audience 

Manufacturing industry, R&D Managers, CTOs, owner-entrepreneurs, CEOs...


Ger van den Kerkhof, Flanders Make

More info

Veroniek Hermans, +32 496 86 46 94, 

The complete range of Voka - KvK Limburg around innovation can be found here 


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