23 June 2020 - 23 June 2020


Title: Collaborative Workcell and Operator Support
Date: 23 June 2020 - 13h00.
Duration: approximately  1h15min.

Join Flanders Make at their free webinar on Collaborative Workcell and Operator Support and learn how a cobot or digital work instructions can shape the workspace of the future.

Customised work instructions and collaborative robots can overcome several issues on the work floor. They reduce the overload of paper, lower mental and physical stress of employees and increase production flexibility.

Flanders Make, imec, Sirris and VLAIO invite you to participate at the webinar on Industry 4.0 about digital work instructions, quantifying and reducing ergonomic load and mental stress, and safely cooperating with cobots.  You will receive information about the possibilities and limitations of cobots and digital work instructions, learn case studies and industrial testimonies and gain insight in the ease of use of these technologies. In addition, several opportunities to finance innovative company projects will be presented.


To register, and for the full programme, visit the website.

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