COTEMACO launches collaboration with ColRobFood project

COTEMACO has teamed up with Belgian project ColRobFood, to exchange resources and knowledge on the Robotics industry. The project, funded by the Belgium Agentschap Innoveren en Ondernemen, aims to speed up the introduction of cobots in the food processing industry in Belgium.

ColRobFood wants to take the supply from technology providers and integrators and bring it to demand from food processing companies. They will do so by demonstrating technology applications, especially cobots, and lowering the barriers for food processing companies by guiding them and providing training. ColRobFood is a similar initiative to COTEMACO, but solely for the Belgian market. 

COTEMACO partners Food Tech Brainport and High Tech NL have agreed to share resources and knowledge with ColRobFood by participating in each other's events, welcoming interested food processors to their field labs, offering each other to participate in food processing company-visits related cobot demonstrations and keeping each other updated on related trends and technological developments.

Project partners are Sirris and Flanders Food. The project was launched in September and will run for 2 years.




Image: John De Groot of Food Tech Brainport (left) with the ColRobFood team. 

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