Meet Tweety: the bakery cobot

Meet Tweety, the collaborative robot (cobot) increasing efficiency, limiting food waste and improving ergonomics at Mariën Bakkerij Producten in Belgium.

Nowadays, it can be very difficult for bakeries to recruit people and the need for automation is only growing stronger. That is why Mariën Bakkerij Producten decided to seek automated solutions to make the best use of the expertise and craftsmanship of its bakers and relieve them from monotonous tasks.

Located in the Belgian city of Balen, Mariën Bakkerij Producten completed the COTEMACO support programme with the help of Dirk van Ledden of Food Tech Brainport. Dirk connected the bakery to technology partner Van Wees Waalwijk, who then developed a mobile robot that can be used at multiple locations across the bakery. 

Tweety, which owes its name to its colour, takes over the heavy and repetitive tasks such as filling and placing baking trays onto the oven carts, allowing employees to focus on quality control.

If you’d like more information about Tweety or the COTEMACO support programme, reach out to Dirk van Ledden at


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