Pregermination lances yield of Flemish bio turmeric

In November 2021, pregerminated bio turmeric was harvested in Flanders.

In the context of the Interreg Northwest Europe project CurCol, PCG investigates the regional cultivation of the turmeric plant for coloring purposes. On April 21 2021 pregerminated turmeric rhizomes were planted in a greenhouse in Kruisem, Flanders at the headquarters of PCG (Proefcentrum voor Groenteteelt). This test was established in a greenhouse because the plant needs 7 to 9 months to grow multiple new turmeric rhizomes. Next to that, the growth conditions need to be around 19-27 °C and 70-90% RV. The object of this trial was to obtain a more uniform and qualitative yield than the first trial in 2020.

The pregermination was explained in last Newsletter in June. On 3 and 15 November 2021 the turmeric was harvested.
We harvested at two different times because, based on the literature, we expected a difference in yield between a longer cultivation period and a shorter one. The rhizomes and roots were washed to prevent rot and mold during storage. The average yield of the turmeric harvest was 130 ton/ha, there was no statistical difference between the two harvests. This is the yield of fresh, washed rhizomes.

These big numbers compared to the results of last trial year (average yield of +- 50 ton/ha) are explained by the success of pregermination: there was no loss of plants during the cultivation as opposed to 2020 (50 % loss). On top of that, the average yield per plant was a little higher (1,3 kg) compared to 2020 (1,15 kg). In addition, there was less variation in yield between the rhizomes of 1 plant compared to 2020.

In 2022, PCG will continue testing the possibility to grow turmeric in greenhouses in NW-Europe. Variety trials will be performed, next to agronomic trials and a pilot of turmeric tunnel cultivation.


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  Figure 1: An average of 1,3 kg rhizomes per plant was harvested.

Figure 2: Distribution of the rhizome weights (g) per plant and per harvest time.



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