Vote for cVPP at the European Sustainable Energy CITIZENS’ AWARD 2020!

Vote for cVPP

Why should you vote for cVPP?

Because it is a game changer:

1. It is a radical sustainable innovation but it is different from others: while empowering prosumers and communities, it can also offer advantages for the larger energy system.

2. It accelerates energy transition by showing that alternative way of organising energy system is not impossible.

3. It embeds a trans-national and trans-disciplinary set of partners* and presents thereby a unique example of socially-relevant Research & Development.

We are already very happy to be nominated but winning this prestigious award would be even better.

Please feel free to share this announcement. The winners will be announced on 23 June during a live, online Awards ceremony. Many thanks in advance!

* TU Eindhoven (NL), Stichting Duurzame Projecten Loenen (DPL) (NL), Tipperary Energy Agency (TEA) (IE), Community Power (IE), Tipperarry County Council (IE), the Municipality of Apeldoorn (NL), EnerGent and KampC (BE), Duneworks (NL), Friends of the Earth (IE), Alliander (NL), USEF (NL), Ecopower (BE), Templederry Renewable energy Supply Limited. (IE), T/A Community Renewable energy supply (IE), Claremorris and western District Energy Cooperative Ltd. (IE), Limerick Community Grocery Ltd (IE), Energy Communities Tipperary Cooperative Ltd. (IE), Aran Islands Energy Cooperative (IE), Smart M Power Ltd. (IE), Tipperary County Council (IE)

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