Di-Plast Workshop "Work more sustainably with recyclate" @Zwolle


On the 29th of March 2022 the Di-Plast workshop "Work more sustainably with recyclate" took place at Zwolle. The workshop was organized by our project partner Polymer Science Park and Oost NL. During the workshop the Matrix tool was presented and one of our pilot company shared its expercience with the Di-Plast project.

Erik Plaggenmarsch of Oost NL opened the workshop. He went into the Di-Plast project and what possibilities it offers for entrepreneurs. Such as the voucher procedure for which an application can be submitted. He also brought the news that extra budget has been made available for a new voucher round. The vouchers support companies to make more use of plastic recycling with the help of this and other tools.

Martine Bonnema from Polymer Science Park followed up by introducing the matrix tool. The tool links supply and demand of recyclate. Based on product specifications, the right recyclate batches can be found.

After the introduction Ben Knapen from Dyka took the floor. They are currently working on a study within the Di-Plast project. After an introduction about Dyka, he went into the research. They hope to find a solution for the use of recyclate in sealing caps for PVC pipes. He spoke about the current results and problems they are still encountering, such as finding the right colour of recyclate. Nils Schut from Polymer Science Park is working with Dyka to achieve the desired result.

Parsa Tashacori of Hemmink gave a fine presentation of the success they have had using recyclate such as a nail clip. He also looked ahead to the many opportunities that lie ahead.

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